Bumble v0.1

The first version of Bumble

Bumble v0.1 is the first robot design released as part of the gooddog.ai project. It has currently been superceded by Bumble v0.2.

Bumble is a three wheeled bot based around NVIDIA’s Jetson Xavier Devkit. It features two hoverboard motors for a drive train, plus a small caster wheel for balance. It’s meant to be easily assembled from off-the-shelf + 3D printed parts without any special equipment necessary. The total cost is under $2000, which compares quite well to commercial off the shelf solutions like NVIDIA’s Carter robot which cost upwards of $10,000.

We chose the Jetson Xavier platform because we want these bots to have the absolute highest amount of GPU and CPU available for a mobile platform, to allow running multiple state of the art networks in real-time.

Tech Specs:

  • NVIDIA Jetson Xavier (31 TeraOps total compute)
  • ~$1,800 BOM Cost
  • 24V LiFEPO4 battery
  • 2x Hoverboard motors
  • Intel Real Sense D435i
  • Dynamixel Pan-tilt head

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